Mike Soltis – Profile

Instructor at the BIR Performance Driving School

After many years working Fire/Rescue as Lead Medical, Driver and Truck Captain, in 1979 Mike turned his first race laps at BIR. Mike went on to race cars all over the north-east quadrant of the U.S., primarily open-wheeled cars such as F-Jr., F-V and F-F. During that period one International race through the streets of Freeport, Bahamas. A high-point was qualifying 2nd to Bob Bondurant in a one class race at Mid-Ohio in 1984. In between, Mike drove various closed-wheel cars such as 5 races at 3 different tracks in a replica ’63 Corvette Grand Sport. Mike taught race driving with the local SCCA region and Vintage racing club for many years.

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  1. Bill W says:

    I attended the Performance Driving School on May 8,2017 and Mike Soltis was my instructor. Mike did a fantastic job and taught me so much about the lines and all aspects of road racing. Mike’s critiques helped me a lot to understand what I was doing wrong and occasionally what I was doing right. I really feel that i now have it in my head what it is that i am supposed to be doing, I just need a lot more practice and coaching from Mike to hopefully some day provide he and I with the smoooth ride that I’m striving for. Thanks Mike, can’t wait for another day at the track. Bill Warzeka, St. Paul, Mn.

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