Steve Johnson – Profile

Instructor at the BIR Performance Driving School

Steve Johnson’s first foray into racing took place in the early 1960’s with a Porsche RSK and Lotus 23, unfortunately they were 1/32nd scale slot cars and he was in grade school, however, it was more fun the baseball or soccer. Move along to 1976 and the purchase of a modified 1964 Corvette, plenty of noise and an abundance of horsepower. Soon friends in the sports car club introduced
Steve to autocross (parking lot racing as some refer to it). After a few seasons of autocross with the Corvette and a Boss 302 Mustang Steve made the jump into road racing. With the Mustang as a
tow vehicle Steve was off to the races with a rear engined, air cooled, flat six race car, you guessed it, a Corvair! The Corvair was followed by a Cosworth Vega, this saw duty in autocross (CP withslicks), icekhanas (with studded tires) and road racing (SSA). After running the sedans Steve decided it was time for a change and traded the Corvette for a Lola Formula Ford, which was way morefun than baseball and soccer combined. Eventually (reluctantly) the Lola was sold and Steve continued to autocross with variety of front, rear and all wheel drive cars including the
Cosworth Vega which may see track time yet again.

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