Travis Mjolnes – Profile

Instructor at the BIR Performance Driving School

Travis started his auto racing career with the BMW car club of America driving events at BIR in 1997 and started instructing shortly after both at BIR and Dakota County Technical. He then competed in local events and the 2000 One Lap of America. After the One Lap he attained his competition license with the SCCA by completing the Jim Russell Advanced Racing School in Sonoma, CA and started competing in both Spec Racer Ford’s and Formula Continental’s across the US. Travis has been instructing alongside Gary Curtis since 2000. He is currently an instructor with BIR Performance Driving School and continues to enjoy other competitive events when his schedule permits.

Travis was also Gary Curtis’ crew chief during his successful championship season competing in the 2000 & 2001 American Le Mans Panoz GTS Pro Series. He is also a great fan of BMW’s, Porsche’s, and Ferrari’s and enjoys working on and maintaining them for friends and family.

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