Track Safety Flags

GREEN FLAG (Solid Green)

Starter Flag Indicates that the course is clear
A session is under way the starter will present this flag to indicate that you may
proceed on to the track. This flag shall normally be in possession of the Starter only.

YELLOW FLAG (Solid Yellow)

Danger, slow… do not stop!
STANDING YELLOW – Take care, Danger, Slow Down, NO PASSING!

BLUE FLAG (Solid Blue)

Faster car behind you
Another car is following you very closely or is trying to overtake you. Check your


Road condition ahead
Take care. Oil has been spilled, or a slippery condition exists, or debris is present on
the racing surface.

WHITE FLAG (Solid White)

Caution, you are approaching a situation
Caution – you are approaching a slow moving car (e.g. with mechanical trouble),
ambulance or other emergency vehicle on the racing surface.

BLACK FLAG (Solid Black)

BLACK FLAG WARNING – proceed to pits! You have been observed driving in an
unsafe and/or improper manner.


Proceed to pits
There is something mechanically wrong with your car. Proceed to your pit or
designated black flag area at reduced speed.

CHECKERED FLAG (Black and White Checks)

Continue to pits, session is complete
You have finished the session. Continue cautiously to the pits.

RED (Solid Red)

Extreme Danger – Stop Immediately!
Displayed at each station and on the Starter’s stand – EXTREME DANGER- THE
SESSION HAS BEEN STOPPED. Come to an immediate controlled stop at the side
of the race track.
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